Our exclusive MBA program will challenge and change the way you think. At CUB you'll enjoy an altogether different personalized program that gives you more time to participate and share expertise with your peers, led by a team of internationally recognized academics and business executives. At Canadian University Business School, we offer a unique, relevant and highly rewarding program of study that will progress your career prospects while giving you an exceptional life experience. Study for your MBA program with most up to date global curriculum.
Join us, and become an exceptional business leader who stands out from the crowd.

Message From Head:

At our business school we aim to nurture our students and prepare them with the necessary knowledge and skills to have a thriving career in business. Our curriculum and teaching pedagogy has 3 key thrusts.
Firstly, to provide the students with a strong and broad foundation in core business disciplines, Secondly, to provide them with the deep specialized knowledge and expertise in particular business area, like finance, human resource management, marketing, supply chain management, computer information system and Thirdly, to prepare the students with developing the skills focused more on making sense of the information, sharing them and using them in smart ways.
In each one of our courses we emphasize on the development of a specific skill set which can be task oriented or people oriented skill. Task oriented skill includes creative and critical reasoning, problem solving skill, analyzing skills and we also give strong emphasis on the development of people oriented skills which includes developing the cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, negotiation, team building, motivation as well as personal development skill. Developing skill is a very important aspect of our curriculum and teaching pedagogy. As a result, our Graduates can differentiate themselves from the crowd, got all the preparation and they can enter into the business arena as confident and competent business professionals.